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If you have experienced a work related injury or have been in an automobile accident recently please read below.

Chattanooga Chiropractor Work Related Injury Information:

Work Related Injury Information:

A work injury can make it impossible for you to provide for your family as well as laving you in constant pain and suffering. But relief is in sight when you've got Total Health Chiropractic on your side. Our safe natural healing methods can help you feel better and get back on the job more rapidly.

Anatomy of a Work Injury

Workplace injuries can occur in any work environment, from the most hazardous construction sites to the most elegant offices. Of course jobs that involve working in high places, lifting heavy objects, wielding bulky machinery and so on place the body at extra risk. A fall, collision or other impact to the spinal column can force the vertebral joints and discs out of alignment. Lifting a too-heavy object by yourself can create enough spinal stress to herniate a disc, a painful condition that also puts pressure of spinal nerve roots to create even more pain other uncomfortable symptoms. (Sciatica, a shooting pain in the leg and/or foot, is a prime example.)

But you don't have to work in a "danger zone" to sustain a work injury. A simple slip in fall in your office's break room can cause a serious spinal injury or sprain. Working in non-ergonomic conditions or with poor posture can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain. Holding your head at the wrong angle to view your monitor can cause soft tissue strain and misalignment in the neck, as well as cervical nerve impingement that produces pain, tingling or numbness in the arms and hands.

Since 90 percent of all work injuries involve the neck or back, it only makes sense to seek chiropractic care for natural, non-surgical relief. Our Chattanooga chiropractic team can help you recover your work injury and make yourself less vulnerable to future work injuries. Techniques for treating work injuries include:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to relieve nerve impingement, correct your posture and restore mobility to misaligned joints
  • Corrective exercises to relieve soft tissue pain, rehabilitate injured muscles, reinforce proper posture and strengthen your spine against acute or chronic injuries
  • Lifestyle counseling to help you maintain your newfound health and keep yourself injury free, such as ergonomic changes to reduce stress on your back and neck

We Work With Workers Compensation

If you've suffered a work injury, the first step is to report that injury to your employer immediately. Workers compensation requires thorough documentation and confirmation of your injury by an approved provider -- and Tennessee workers compensation is actually required by law to include chiropractic practitioners on their list of accepted providers. Our chiropractors serve on many workers compensation panels; if you don't see us on your list, let us know and we'll contact your provider ourselves.

Get the natural care you need so you can get back to work sooner. Contact Total Health Chiropractic to schedule an evaluation and begin treatment ASAP!

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