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Chattanooga Auto Accident Injury 

A car accident is always a shock. It brings inconvenience, financial anxiety, discomfort and even pain into your life that wasn’t there even a moment before. Many people feel totally blindsided by automobile accidents, and don’t know how to go about handling them, especially when they’re experiencing a painful injury in addition to the rest of the inconvenience. If you’re in pain from an accident, though, Total Health Chiropractic can help. Come to us today.

Common Injuries from Automobile Accidents

Even very low speed automobile accidents can cause trauma to the neck, back, shoulders and hands. When airbags deploy, they often break or fracture hands, and can even impact your face. This often causes ringing, headaches and pain in your neck and the front of your chest.

Many accidents also cause whiplash, a result of your head jarring back and forth on your neck, often tearing soft tissue, ligaments or even misaligning your vertebrae. Whiplash injuries are only properly treated by chiropractic care. If normal motion and function is not restored to the injured joints, it can cause pain, stiffness and accelerated arthritic change in the involved joint. Don’t wait to find out whether your accident has lifelong consequences.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident you can take the first step in regaining your health by scheduling a free consultation with one of our chiropractors today.

Documenting Your Accident and Healing

One of the most important steps you can take when you’ve been in a car crash is thorough documentation. Insurance companies are often looking for reasons to deny your claim, and not having the proper documentation certainly provides them a reason to do just that. Instead of allowing this to happen, always make sure you keep careful track not only of documents related to your accident, but all paperwork related to your healing as well. This can help not only with accident claims, but with any suits you may bring against another driver or claims against their insurance company.

Luckily, our staff is prepared to assist you with the documentation as a result of an automobile accident injury. Our team is able to work closely with you, your insurance company and your attorney to help you get the care you need. That means that instead of stressing out about how you’ll pay or whether you’ll heal, you have a qualified team of assistants to help you do just that.
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There’s no point in waiting around to find out whether or not your lifelong health has been impaired as a result of your accident. Come see us at one of our six Chattanooga locations.

You can find information for our other locations on our website. Make an appointment or to get your free consultation by visiting our Locations Page. Better health starts today.

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